Corporate identity

The company P. Partsoglou – K. Tsiris GP with the trademark “PSYKTIKI-THERMIKI” from 1972 until today is active in the construction and installation of heating – cooling and air conditioning air ducts. With over 15 specialized executives, it has the knowledge to cover even the most special requirements in any project it is called to implement. The company holds a stable leading position in Greece as well as the ever-increasing pace of its exports, provides reliability, quality and trust.

In a contemporary privately owned space, the heart of the company beats. With a production capacity of over 700 tons per year, with strict construction criteria according to EN ISO 9001: 2015 and state-of-the-art mechanical equipment, today “PSYKTIKI-THERMIKI” is able to build even the most demanding air duct systems with the highest quality world market criteria.

In “PSYKTIKI-THERMIKI” the installation of cooling-heating air ducts is an extremely critical and serious matter. From the transfer of the equipment to the headquarters of the final customer, from the installation process, to the certified delivery of the entire project, “PSYKTIKI-THERMIKI” is able to guarantee in writing the quality of its services. It is no coincidence that the largest construction companies trust her as a subcontractor for the implementation of some of the largest projects in Greece.

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